Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance Abuse Treatment: Navigating the Road to Recovery

Millions of Americans abuse or are dependent on drugs and alcohol, so if you are dealing with an addiction you are not alone. There is help available to you and your family. After all, addiction doesn’t just affect one person, it often affects the family and friends of the person dealing with the addiction. Everything from genetics to environmental factors can predispose someone to substance abuse. However, while it may seem like a challenge at the moment, it’s important to recognize that countless people dealing with substance abuse problems have recovered and you can, too.

Substance abuse disorders are complex and complicated illnesses that can affect anyone, and being able to recognize a dependency isn’t always simple. Common warning signs of substance abuse include,

Tolerance: Those with substance abuse problems will find that they need larger amounts of alcohol or drugs over time in order to experience a “high”.

Cravings: A person who has a dependency will often experience intense urges or need for drugs and alcohol and may experience mood swings or irritability if they aren’t able to get the drug.

Withdrawal Symptoms: There are also physical symptoms associated with substance abuse, as well. If someone tries to stop the drug altogether they may experience shakiness, nausea, sweating, intense anxiety or other unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Those with severe addictions should see an addiction specialist immediately for treatment to reduce the risk for potentially serious withdrawal symptoms.

Get Treatment for Your Substance Abuse

While it might seem challenging right now you can treat your addiction successfully, you just need a medical team by your side that not only has the expertise to treat your addiction but also to provide you with the support and understanding care you need. Dr. Sullivan Bryant and our medical team have helped countless patients living in Denison, Greenville and San Antonio, TX, kick their addictions and regain control over their lives again.

We offer a variety of treatment plans that can address everything from alcohol abuse to opioid addiction. We offer certain medications that can safely wean you off of the drug while reducing and even preventing intense withdrawal symptoms. We will work with you to create the right treatment plan to meet your needs.

Take charge of your addiction with substance abuse treatment at Axcel Treatment and Recovery Clinic. Call addiction specialist Dr. Bryant, at (866) 662-8282 to make an appointment at our Greenville, Denison, Dallas, or San Antonio, TX clinic.