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By Axcel Treatment and Recovery Clinic
July 21, 2021
Category: Medical
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Has your drug addiction changed your life? Drug treatment at Axcel Treatment and Recovery Clinic in Greenville, Dallas, San Antonio, and Denison, TX, can help you finally end your dependence on drugs. Your addiction specialist, Dr. Sullivan Bryant, will work with you to find the most effective treatment plan for you.

Is it the right time to begin drug addiction treatment?

Recognizing that you have a problem is the first step in the drug addiction recovery process. You may be addicted to drugs if any of these symptoms and scenarios sound familiar:

  • You've missed work or failed to meet family obligations due to your drug habit.
  • You do dangerous or risky things while you're under the influence of drugs.
  • Your life revolves around getting your next fix, and you feel uneasy or irritable when there's a delay in taking the drug.
  • You have been gradually increasing your dosage of the drug.
  • You experience chills, nausea, sweating, anxiety, abdominal cramps, and other symptoms when you don't take the drug.
  • You've tried to quit taking the drug on your own but weren't able to stop.

How addiction treatment can help you

Although it can be difficult to stop using drugs, you can overcome your dependence on drugs with the help of an addiction specialist. During your visit to the drug treatment and recovery clinic in Greenville, Dallas, San Antonio, or Denison, TX, your specialist will get to know you and ask a few questions about your physical and mental health, lifestyle, and personal challenges.

Drug treatment options include:

  • Behavioral Counseling: You'll learn how to change your behavior and avoid situations that make it likely that you'll take drugs.
  • Medications: Medications that reduce withdrawal symptoms may help you avoid a relapse.
  • Mental Health Counseling: Counseling sessions can help you address underlying mental health issues, such as depression or anxiety, that may be a factor in drug use.

During your treatment, your addiction specialist will monitor your progress, offer encouragement, and tweak your treatment plan, if necessary. With the help of your addiction specialist, you end your drug dependence and start a new chapter in your life.

Are you ready to start drug treatment? Contact Dr. Sullivan Bryant, your addiction specialist at Axcel Treatment and Recovery Clinic in Greenville, Dallas, San Antonio, and Denison, TX, at (866) 662-8282 to schedule your appointment.

By Axcel Treatment and Recovery Clinic
December 29, 2020
Category: Medical
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"More than 20 million Americans have at least one addiction but only 10% receive treatment, drug overdose deaths have more than tripled since 1990, and alcohol and drug addiction cost the U.S. economy over $600 billion every year," according to the Addiction Center.

These are only a few statistics regarding substance abuse and proof that substance abuse treatment is necessary and has many benefits. Axcel Treatment and Recovery Clinic knows the importance and offers patients treatment in the Greenville, Denison, Dallas, or San Antonio, TX, area. People shouldn't avoid treatment because of embarrassment. Addiction is a condition or illness that requires proper treatment.

What You Need To Know About Addiction

Over time, addicts develop tolerance to substances because they need larger amounts of alcohol or drugs over time in order to experience a high. Addicts also suffer from cravings, which is when a person experience urges for drugs and alcohol, accompanied by mood swings or irritability.

The issue with stopping addiction is people suffer from withdrawal symptoms. These are physical symptoms when someone tries to stop addiction at once. They experience several things like shakiness, nausea, sweating and intense anxiety. Because withdrawal symptoms can be serious, you need an addiction specialist.

Get Treatment for Your Substance Abuse

Specialists at Axcel Treatment and Recovery Clinic in Greenville, Denison, Dallas, or San Antonio offer patients the support needed to recover. Medical specialists offer a variety of treatment plans to help people suffering from alcohol abuse and opioid addiction. Treatment plans include certain medications to safely wean you off of the drug.

Need to speak with a specialist?

To learn more about substance abuse and addiction, you should contact Axcel Treatment and Recovery Clinic. The medical professionals will help create a custom plan for you to treat you or a loved one's illness. Just call (866) 662-8282 for more information in Denison, Greenville, Dallas, and San Antonio, TX.

By Axcel Treatment and Recovery Clinic
May 22, 2020
Category: Medical
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How your doctor in Denison, San Antonio, Dallas, and Greenville, TX, can help you live a healthy life

Effective drug treatment can make the difference in living a healthy life, free of negative chemical influences. Dependency on drugs can dramatically affect how your body feels and how your mind functions, diminishing your feelings of self-worth.

Drug treatment can change all of that, giving you back the life you deserve. Dr. Sullivan Bryant at Axcel Treatment and Recovery Clinic offers effective drug treatment services. He has several convenient office locations in Denison, San Antonio, Dallas, and Greenville, TX, to help you fight drug dependency. Read on to learn how we can help you.

Prioritize Your Health

Drug dependency can be difficult to recognize, both for you, and for others around you. These are just a few of the common signs and symptoms that you may have a problem with drugs.

  • Intense cravings for a drug
  • Having to take higher and higher doses
  • Needing to keep the drug always on hand
  • Taking risky behaviors while you are on a drug
  • Poor work performance and avoiding social obligations
  • Isolating yourself from family and friends
  • Symptoms of withdrawal when you haven’t taken a drug

Effective drug treatment tackles both the physical and mental effects of addiction so that you can control your life again. Dr. Bryant provides an initial consultation to discuss your overall health, any medical issues you have, and your current drug regimen. He will formulate an individualized treatment plan to help you become free of addiction.

Current drug treatment regimens may involve taking suboxone or other medications to help you curb your addiction to harmful drugs. Counseling and rehabilitation therapies may be introduced as part of your overall plan.

You Deserve to Live Your Best Life, and Drug Treatment Can Help

To find out more about drug treatment and what it can do for you, call Dr. Sullivan Bryant of Axcel Treatment and Recovery Clinic at (866) 662-8282. He has several convenient office locations in Denison, San Antonio, Dallas, and Greenville, TX, so call today!

By Axcel Treatment and Recovery Clinic
April 10, 2020
Category: Medical

At Axcel Treatment and Recovery Clinic in Denison, Greenville, San Antonio, and Dallas, TX, your recovery specialist—Dr. Sullivan Bryant—sees clients succeed with methadone drug treatment programs. Helping people conquer their different addictions, methadone stops the compulsion of seeking and using drugs, thus allowing for a stable and lasting recovery.

FAQs about methadone

What is methadone?

It's a synthetic opioid useful in treating chronic pain and in helping people recover from drug addiction.

How does it work?

While methadone also is a painkiller, it does not cause the substantial highs which other opioids are known for. As such, it helps people address the mental, emotional, and psychosocial behaviors associated with addiction without the horrible physical effects and cravings that withdrawal can cause.

How do I use it?

Dr. Bryant will review your drug treatment program with you, including how to use your methadone. It's critical to take your methadone tablet or liquid precisely as prescribed. Additionally, you should not eat grapefruit or drink grapefruit juice throughout the course of your treatment with methadone.

Will I have to take this drug for the rest of my life?

No, you won't. When you take methadone as prescribed and comply with your other therapies, you will be weaned off the drug as your addictive symptoms subside. However, this gradual tapering of doses must be supervised by a physician at one of our locations in Denison, Greenville, San Antonio, or Dallas, TX. Never stop methadone by yourself as you may experience severe withdrawal symptoms.

Quality care which works

At Axcel Treatment and Recovery Clinic, you can succeed in your addiction recovery. Drug treatment with methadone is just part of what we do. We are open Monday through Saturday mornings and have locations in Denison, Greenville, San Antonio, and Dallas, TX. Call us for your personalized consultation on methadone and other therapies: (866) 662-8282.

By Axcel Treatment and Recovery Clinic
December 23, 2019
Category: Medical
Tags: Suboxone Treatment  

How Suboxone treatment from our offices in Denison, San Antonio, or Greenville, TX, can help you lead a healthier life

Opioid addiction is a complex disease that affects you and everybody you know. Fortunately, there are resources to help you cope with this issue. Here at Axcel Treatment and Recovery Clinic in Denison, San Antonio, and Greenville, TX, suboxone treatment is an available option to aid your recovery. Led by Dr. Sullivan Bryant, read on to learn how this option can help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

What are the benefits of treatment?

Suboxone is an effective and safe prescription medicine that can help people who are grappling with an opioid addiction. Suboxone treatment is beneficial in the sense that it lessens withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings, helping patients to maintain mental clarity so they can continue engaging in therapy, going to school, working, and so on. When taken as directed, Suboxone allows patients to wean off opioids slowly, without the pain of a cold-turkey detox.

How long will I need to take Suboxone?

The period of time that you will take Suboxone will be a decision that you and your healthcare provider will make. After all, some patients take Suboxone for long periods of time, while others only take it for a short while before tapering off. Studies have shown that Suboxone is safe to use both short-term and long-term.

How do I get started with treatment?

Once you've decided that Suboxone is a treatment option that you'd like to pursue, you can start by looking for a doctor that is qualified to prescribe this medicine. Remember that the use of Suboxone should be part of a larger treatment program that includes therapy and counseling. This is an important part of treatment to ensure that you address any underlying problems that may have fueled your addiction.

Call us

If you're looking for a qualified Suboxone doctor, call Axcel Treatment and Recovery Clinic at 866-662-8282 today to schedule an appointment in Denison, San Antonio, or Greenville, TX. Remember—no matter how far you have fallen as a result of your opioid addiction, you can still turn your life around for a brighter future.

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