In the mythical werewolf legend, you can kill a werewolf with a silver bullet to its heart. In recovery from alcohol and drugs it usually isn't just one thing that makes a person stop using or drinking, but a combination of things. Recovery is actually more like a jigsaw puzzle. Now it doesn't have to be one of those 1,000-piece monster puzzles. Probably, simply putting a few key pieces in place will complete a great recovery picture for you. One of the most important pieces of that puzzle is changing how you think; to change your thoughts. Why? Because we don't do anything until we first tell ourselves to do it. So if you want to stop your drug or alcohol habit, it has to start with finding out just what it is you think about.

What difference does that make? Maybe you're like I was. You might believe that whatever thought comes to your mind is somehow "meant" to be there. "I have no real control over it. So if my thoughts tend to lead me toward doing something that is self-defeating, the most I can do is try not to listen to the thoughts. 'I'm not ultimately in charge.'" I was amazed when I found out that isn't true. I could actually learn to change my thoughts-so much so that for the most part it no longer became necessary to ignore negative thoughts, because I started not to even allow them in the first place.


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