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When you need a routine checkup where do you turn? When you need your annual flu shot where do you go? Who do you talk to when you want to learn about the best ways to reduce your risk for heart disease? A family doctor is going to be the first medical professional you turn to for care, whether it’s preventive or to treat acute or chronic diseases and medical conditions. Dr. Sullivan Bryant offers nearly five decades of medical expertise in family and internal medicine right here in Denison, TX.

What does a family doctor do?

A family doctor is a primary doctor or generalist that provides preventive care and screenings while also diagnosing, treating, and managing acute and chronic injuries, conditions and diseases. Our family doctor treats patients of all ages, from kids to seniors.

Why should I see a family medicine doctor?

There are many reasons people turn to Dr. Bryant and his medical team here in Denison, TX. Here are some of the reasons that you should turn to a family doctor.

To Obtain a Referral Quickly and Easily

To see a specialist such as a gastroenterologist or a dermatologist you may need a referral. Our family doctor can not only provide you with recommendations on the best specialists and doctors to turn to, but he can also provide you with the referral your insurance needs for you to get the specialized care you require.

To Help Manage Chronic Health Problems

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, hypertension, or heart disease, your family doctor will be instrumental in providing you with long-term care, treatment, and support. From communicating with specialists to make sure you are getting the most effective treatments to prescribing and refilling medications, our team can help you get your chronic conditions under control.

To Treat Minor Illnesses

Whether you sprained your ankle or you’re dealing with a nasty stomach virus, there are many illnesses and injuries that our family medicine team can treat right here in our office.

Provides Individualized and Trustworthy Care

When you have a family doctor you’re more likely to get the preventive checkups, screenings, vaccinations, and more that you need to stay healthy. We offer care that is tailored to each individual and their health, background, lifestyle, and personal needs.

Trust your health to the expert, knowledgeable hands of our family doctor, Dr. Bryant. Axcel Treatment and Recovery Clinic is proud to provide internal and family medicine services to the Denison, Greenville, Dallas, and San Antonio, TX, areas. To schedule your next appointment, call us at (866) 662-8282 .


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